Project Sector Client Date of commencement Date of completion
Economic Empowerment of the Poorest (EEP) DFID January 2008 March 2016
Strengthening Budget Preparation in Bangladesh (SBPB) WB August 2015 July 2016
VAT and Supplementary Duty Act, 2012 Implementation (VAT Online) Project WB August 2015 July 2018
Building Capacity for the Use of Research Evidence (BCURE) DFID August 2014 March 2017
Vulnerability and Feasibility Study for the City of Barisal Under Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas KFW January 2015 Oct 2015
Mobile-based monitoring data entry application with the web-based dashboard facility PSU November 2014 August 2015
JICA assisted Strengthening Public Investment Management System (SPIMS) Project WB May 2014 April 2017
Formulation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Dutch February 2013 Dec 2015
Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation Service provider for the DFtD WASH Results Programme DFID October 2014 March 2018
Supporting CIPS in Bangladesh CIPS 2010 2016
Public Investment Management (PIM) Program WB December 2012 April 2014
Consultancy Support to GIS Mapping of LICs in Dhaka for WSUP WSUP March 2013 October 2013
Present Monitoring Mechanisms of Organizations working in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Bangladesh PSU April 2013 September 2013
Mid Term Evaluation of Simavi funded Programmes under WASH Alliance Programme in Bangladesh WASH Alliance July 2013 November 2013
Capacity Building of Tea Smallholdings Farmers by Adopting Eco-Friendly Management Practices and Strengthening Marketing Links for Enhanced Income Generation of Poor Farming Communities in Bangladesh BTB, Indonesian TB September 2012 September 2014
Assess the quality and effectiveness of the Training & Training institutes under UZGP UNDP September 2013 October 2013
2013 Assessment of Risks and Vulnerabilities of Climate Change and Disaster of Fisheries Sector and Identification of Best Practices of Climate Change Adaptation for Aquaculture & Fisheries Adopted by farmers/Fishers in Bangladesh 2013 2013
Assessment of Present Monitoring Mechanisms of Organisations Working in the Water and Sanitation Section in Bangladesh PSU 2013 2013
Mapping of LICs in Dhaka for Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor, (WSUP), UK
Technical Support to conduction of Training Need Assessment (TNA) study (SDC)
Joint Review of HYSAWA (Hygiene, Sanitation and Water) DANIDA
Annual Review of Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water Supply in Bangladesh (SHEWA-B)
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) - Technical Support to BARD, RDA and NILG to Staff Capacity Development, Facilitates Strategic Planning Process and Development of Project Document
Save the Children – Sweden-Denmark (SCSD)- Conducted an evaluation of a partner Organization named “ANTAR – Society for Development” of Save the Children Sweden - Denmark (SCSD)
Uddipan- Study on the Socio-Economic condition of Jatka Fishers and value chain system of fish marketing of Haimchar Upazila. Funded by Uddipan NGO
Diagnostic Study on Tea Sector in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Follow up Case Study – as part of a regional Network of Aquaculture Centre in Asia-Pacific (NACA)
Identification Mission for EC Support in the Area of Environment and Disaster Management.
Training Modules Develop on Art/Strategy of Local level advocacy focused on Child Rights and Narrative report writing and analytical skill for Child Development Programme (CDP) of UDDIPAN.
Conduction of Participatory Strategic Planning in 35 LGBs (in association with UDDIPAN)
Consultancy Work contract for Facilitation of a Comprehensive Study on Training Evaluation of CBFM 2 Project
Final Review – Community Mobilisation Program Involving Imams in Anti-trafficking (COMPIAT)
Special Service Provider (SSP) for Market Development Fund (MDF) of Char Livelihood Programme (CLP)
Review cum Appraisal of Child Development Programme
Char Livelihood Programme – Further Training inputs for the Implementing Organisations involved
Assessment of Planning Capacity in GoB line Ministries
Impact Assessment – Integrated Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Management Project Phase II
Mid-term Review – Community Mobilisation Program Involving Imams in Anti-trafficking (COMPIAT)
Char Livelihood Programme - Training inputs for the NGOs involved DFID
Baseline Survey - Community Mobilisation Program Involving Imams in Anti-trafficking (COMPIAT)
Technical Assistance on Organisational Strengthening of Samata
Training of Trainers program on Participatory Training Methods and Materials Development for GPD Consultants and LGED Personnel ADB
Support to CARE HIV Self Help Group Development Programme
Training on Designing Project Monitoring and Evaluation System with Effective Tools and Techniques for CONCERN Bangladesh Staff
Fisheries Training Extension Project 2 (FTEP- 2) Reviews DFID
Feasibility Study of Small Holder Tea Plantations
Review of Northwest Fisheries Extension Project (NEFP- 2) DFID
Bangladesh Tea Rehabilitation Project - Revolving Fund for Estate Mechanisation DFID
Trainer Training Programme for BRAC Rural Development Programme DFID
Tracer Study for the BRAC Fisheries Training Cell DFID
Tea Extension and Research Support Project DFID
Crop Diversification Project
Extension and Community Awareness Training Programme
Thana Fisheries Development Programme
Community Awareness Training