Project Description

The specific objectives of the “VAT and Supplementary Duty, Act, 2012 Implementation Project’ are to achieve 10 key outputs:

Output 1: Development of appropriate Rules, Statutory Regulatory Orders (SROs), General Orders (GOs), and Standing Orders (SOs).

Output 2: Acquisition and installation of a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Integrated VAT Administration System (IVAS) software to automate the key tax functions for VAT and turnover taxes.

Output 3: Establishment of a data center to store all taxpayer data and provide the platform from which the IT tax administration system will run.

Output 4: Installation of a voice and data network to enable VAT staff to have access to the IT tax administration system via their computer terminal.

Output 5: Acquisition of desktop hardware and software to provide computer terminals to all VAT staff who require them for their work.

Output 6: Establishment an outsourced central processing center to data capture paper returns and forms, digitize all paper forms and image all documents provided by tax payers.

Output 7: Establish an outsourced Taxpayer Contact Center to answer phone and email inquiries from VAT taxpayers.

Output 8: Develop procedural manuals, design training materials and organize VAT staff training for capacity development in NBR for a smooth transition of various operational activities and management roles from all vendors to NBR staff to enable staff to utilize the new tax administration IT system and business processes

Output 9: Undertake a taxpayer communications and education program to assist taxpayers understand and comply with the new VAT law and administrative procedures.

Output 10: Undertake the re-organization of VAT HQ and commissionerates along functional lines.

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